In My Humble Opinion ~ But Anyway

If we’re lucky, sooner or later someone will ask us, “Who are you — really?  And that question begs a truthful answer.

Really, I’m a Christian.  Oh, and there’s lots of other stuff like, Male, Married with grown children and grandkids, American and from the South,  United Methodist pastor, Senior Citizen nowadays, and so on.  “Who are you” is an existential question and we exist in different shades of our characters according to what’s going on and where.  

I see the truth in that more so online on Facebook and other comment-type webpages these days.  It’s amazing to me, the things some people will reveal about themselves from behind the relative anonymity of an avatar and a username.  On the bad side, some are merely trolls and haters who find the Net a fertile hunting ground for those they can victimize, but on the good side I hope that the rest of us gather on the Net and roam these sites to search for kindred spirits with whom we might commune.  And hopefully then we can retreat to our screens and keyboards to socialize and soak in the company with others who reinforce the good in us.

One of the difficulties of gathering our electronic communities from Facebook, Twitter and others is in the brevity of contact with those who may share our interests.  A shared picture gives us a possible glimpse of someone’s qualities, but is it really, and how do we deepen our trust in the e-World of short posts and comments?  We need a place to share the things that matter more than “Like, Comment, Share” or 144 characters of our momentary thoughts.

For me, that’s why this page is here.  Hopefully, for you also.


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